Media fixes for macOS – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1952.3

Today’s snapshot includes a fix for media playback on macOS for Catalina uses.

Catalina airport landing strip

macOS users, please test this carefully because we would like to backport the fix to 3.1 stable. We are particularly interested in any media that worked before but does not now.

Download (1952.3)


  • [Media][macOS Catalina] Instagram, IMDB, Twitch, … videos fail to play (VB-58686)
  • [Menus] Horizontal menu doesn’t respond to accelerator keys after being focused (VB-65978)
  • [Notes Manager] Rename ‘Remove screenshot’ to ‘Remove attachment’ (VB-68445)
  • [Notes Manager] Users can type text while the folder is selected (VB-68716)
  • [Notes Manager][Quick Commands] Add Notes Manager to Quick Commands (VB-68428)
  • [Settings][Blocker] Add a fetching state to list (VB-67493)

Main photo by Cédric Dhaenens

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