Fix for Windows media issues – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1929.3

Today’s snapshot fixes the issue with videos on Windows (present in the last two snapshots), meaning that autoupdate can now be re-enabled.

Known Issues

  • [macOS][Media] Instagram videos struggle to play (VB-66211)
  • [Notes manager][Regression] Editing note frequently shifts focus to the start (VB-67998)

Download (1929.3)


  • [Address bar][Search field] Can’t use arrow keys to select suggestions when Num Lock is on (VB-52978)
  • [Bookmarks] Default bookmark folder names should use the GUI language (VB-67384)
  • [Clock] Missing month and year in PT-BR short date (VB-67686)
  • [Media][Windows][Regression] Directly loaded .mp4 files can fail to play if a streamed video is not already loaded in that session (VB-67543)
  • [Menus] Horizontal menu does not get checkmark in menu when enabled (VB-67974)
  • [Menus][Crash] The browser can crash when closing main menu (VB-67985)
  • [Menus][Extensions] Missing context menus (VB-29932)
  • [Menus][Linux][Regression] Menu highlights on previous levels move when navigating multi-level (VB-67744)
  • [Notes manager] Add preformatted text as an option in paragraph styles (VB-67814)
  • [Notes manager] Better tree column grid display and resizing mechanism (VB-67715)
  • [Notes manager] Handle internal links in Markdown (VB-67905)
  • [Notes manager] Handle link editing in rich text editor (VB-67672)
  • [Notes manager] Input ignored when switching quickly between notes (VB-67699)
  • [Settings] Window is blank when opened from private window (VB-65717)
  • [Settings][Status bar] Play Image Animation option order is mixed up (VB-67906)
  • [Settings][Win][Linux] Enable “Remove tab spacing in maximized window” by default (VB-63069)

Main photo by Markus Winkler

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