Snapshot – With Chromeless UI

Following the release of TP4 we are back to adding new features. Today we have a particularly interesting one for those that want to make better use of your screen real estate. We have a new mode with no user interface at all! Use Ctrl+F11 or ⌘F11 (on a Mac) to try it out. We also have a bunch more bug fixes!

As you know, we have worked hard to optimise Vivaldi with mouse gestures and keyboard navigation (lots of editable keyboard shortcuts, quick commands, etc.). Some power users may now find that they rarely need the UI any more and would prefer gain more space for the sites they are viewing. It can also be handy for others to switch into this mode when you want to avoid distractions and focus on one page, e.g. working with webmail, editing documents online or playing music and videos.

Spotify in Vivaldi with Chromeless UI

Unlike full screen, this mode allows you run your other applications (or multiple websites in Vivaldi) side-by-side. The Vivaldi window can still be moved and resized, allowing you to make the website the primary experience, while we do all the hard work in the background. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

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  • VB-1595 Add “clear private data” to tools menu
  • VB-1875 Linebreaks not supported in js alert dialogs
  • VB-1925 Need something in front of bookmark created date
  • VB-3381 Middle-clicking speed dials broken when there is a scroll bar
  • VB-4502 Closing Vivaldi while downloading results in zombies
  • VB-5053 Autofocus and RETURN not working on JS prompts
  • VB-5317 Deleting a download in panel should select next entry
  • VB-5513 Select keyboard shortcuts with left and right arrow keys
  • VB-5637 Progress bar lying about the progress
  • VB-5721 Add extension manager in tools menu
  • VB-5833 Shortcuts for focusing search field: Fixed both Ctrl+K and Ctrl+E
  • VB-6032 Speed dial tab title not translated after the browser start
  • VB-6121 Corners of the menu does not open the menu, only the animation
  • VB-6958 Find in Page search not persistent between tabs
  • VB-7020 Shortcut for hiding all UI: Keyboard binding (Ctrl+F11, ⌘F11) and new setting
  • VB-7159 Spatial navigation does not work in XHTML pages
  • VB-7221 A better thumbnail for UI theme choice is needed
  • VB-7227 Downloader of “Check for Updates” does not recognize broken downloads
  • VB-7284 Broken padlock icon is broken: Partial fix, removed pulsing, made lock more open
  • VB-7510 Arrow down does not work in search-box
  • VB-7610 Find in page gets stuck
  • VB-7647 Notes panel can not be opened by a double click
  • VB-7672 Consolidate pop-up view appearance
  • VB-7701 Use white background for main content area in Settings
  • VB-7733 Settings: Unable to edit Search Engine “name”
  • VB-7771 Deleting a bookmark can result in data loss if the user subsequently cuts the URL
  • Inherit OS X system font: works with San Francisco in 10.11b, falls back to Helvetica Neue on 10.10, Lucida Grande on 10.9
  • Spatnav improvements: Quicker indexing
  • Updated translations

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