Snapshot 1.0.390.3 – Crunch time in Iceland, death toll on bugs increases

Important changes with new options to control Alt key mouse gestures and rocker gestures (as requested by you guys), and much more. Read on for the details!

The Vivaldi team in Iceland

Most of the team has flown over for a meetup in Iceland, so that we can work more closely and focus on getting those bug numbers down! Today’s snapshot includes some important changes with new options to control Alt key Mouse Gestures and rocker gestures (as requested by you guys!), a big fix to Extensions that enables Chromecast support for videos (this also fixes many other issues with extension popups), working background tab progress indicators, fixes to Quick Commands and much more!

Download (1.0.390.3)


  • VB-9363 An option to control Alt key mouse gestures: disable by default
  • VB-12762 [Mac] Upgrade menu bar code. Stage 3: Introduces favicons for the tab listing in the Window menu + highlight of the active tab.
  • VB-9429 Background tab progress indicator does not work
  • VB-12765 Empty section in address bar’s context menu
  • VB-12738 Reload button is stuck in wrong state
  • VB-9028 Chromecast addon popup appears blank: this also fixes may other issues with extension popups
  • VB-12700 Simplify / clean up fill and color use
  • VB-12387 Zoom indicator is black on black
  • VB-12694 Tab and addressbar borders inconsistent
  • VB-12348 Crash using drop-down list in the options of extension ImprovedTube
  • VB-12466 [Windows] [Linux] Cannot see the window controls on dark pages with color area behind tabs
  • VB-12687 Quick Commands are not executed on click
  • VB-12690 Bookmark folder disappear a few seconds after creating it,
  • VB-12625 Typed fragment identifiers are stripped from current URL
  • VB-12682 [Mac] Upgrade menu bar code. Stage 2: Introduces list of open tabs in the window menu
  • VB-12541 Focused tab is marked unseen after restart.
  • VB-12595 Regression: URL field shows different URLs while loading
  • VB-12487 [Regression] Broken bookmarks shortcuts in Quick Command
  • VB-10852 Add option to disable rocker gestures
  • VB-12627 Add Help Pages to main menus: this is work in progress, it just redirects to for now
  • VB-11215 When deleting characters in the address field focus moves to the end of the line
  • Prevent clearing urlfield state while new tab is loading
  • URL autcompletion score tweaked slightly: should improve results