Continuing work on mouse gestures – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.15.1132.3

In today’s snapshot we have a fix for mouse gestures executing multiple times.

Known issues

  • [Linux] Cannot use the right click context menu with mouse gestures and rocker gestures enabled with a scaled (HiDPI) display (VB-38504)
  • [Linux] Save password dialog does not show up (VB-38805)

Download (1.15.1132.3)


  • [Regression] Gestures executed multiple times (VB-38720)
  • [Regression] Missing number of reloading Speed Dials (VB-38679)
  • [Mac] Default shortcuts for next/previous tab changed to “⌥+⌘+[Arrow]” — used to be “⇧+⌘+[Arrow]” (VB-18300)
  • [Address bar] Update Refresh and Home icons (VB-38767)
  • [Bookmarks] Bookmark indicator does not always update (VB-37274)
  • [Bookmarks] Can not create new bookmark from context menu (VB-38781)
  • [Bookmarks] Folder menu cover the bookmarks bar item when bar on the bottom (VB-10288)
  • [Quick Commands] Rounded corners on Quick Commands (VB-38719)
  • [Search engine] Prevent removal of default search engine (VB-38379)
  • Crash dialog isn’t localized (VB-4572)
  • Ghost processes after Speed Dials reload (VB-38677)
  • Mark active page in cycler (VB-11010)
  • Save password dialog is misplaced in fullscreen and maximized mode (VB-38723)
  • Speed Dial Update causes timeout (VB-38725)

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Thank you for downloading Vivaldi

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