Snapshot 1.3.551.21 – Notes fixes

Happy Monday! Another round of critical bugfixes as we close on our 1.3 stable release.

Please remember that the focus for any comments below should be on things that have broken since 1.2 stable. If you want to discuss new features or long standing issues to be addressed after 1.3, please use our forums.


Download (1.3.551.21)


  • [Mac][Regression][Crash] html date and time tag crashes (VB-19604)
  • [Mac] When you put a YouTube video in full screen (if already in full screen), Vivaldi removes the top bar (VB-18027)
  • [Regression][Notes] Notes panel is blank (VB-20061)
  • [Regression][Notes] Notes do not load first time after starting Vivaldi – reopening is required to see them (VB-19950)
  • [Regression] The bookmark address is not displayed in the status bar (VB-19727)
  • [Regression] Block Third-Party Cookies does not stick (VB-20155)
  • [Regression] Undelete tab brings it up in wrong location (VB-20079)
  • [Regression] Can’t hibernate a tab more than once (VB-17681)
  • [Crash] while loading a PDF in internal Chromium PDF Viewer (VB-19695)
  • [Notes] Note URL removed if Highlighted (VB-20189)
  • Update various Translations for 1.3 (VB-20193)
  • Ctrl + scroll can be initiated after releasing Ctrl (VB-20095)