Snapshot 1.3.551.13 – Closing in on 1.3

We are busy working on getting 1.3 ready for a release to our stable stream. As such here is another update with a focus on bug squashing.

At this stage, to prevent delaying the 1.3 stable release, we are primarily interested in anything that has broken since 1.2 stable. You can help us by staying on topic and highlighting these issues below. If you want to discuss new features or long standing issues to be addressed after 1.3, please use our forums. As always, thanks for your help. We could not do this without you!


Download (1.3.551.13)


  • [Regression] Middle click on home and reload buttons opens two tabs (VB-19796)
  • [Regression] Tab switching in recent order using quick commands is not working (VB-19839)
  • [Regression] “Paste and go” does not work for addresses starting with a space character (VB-18331)
  • [Regression] Pop-ups never disappear when using the bugreporter (VB-19581)
  • [Regression][Notes] http:// protocol showing up for for empty URL’s (VB-19840)
  • WebRTC checkbox is painted as checked before being repainted as unchecked. (VB-19711)
  • Downloads in progress caused unnecessary repaints of the whole UI (VB-19905)
  • Downloads take up a lot of CPU (VB-19346)
  • Better scroll gestures response (VB-12624)