Snapshot 1.2.490.32 – Vivaldi 1.2RC1

Today’s snapshot is the first release candidate for Vivaldi version 1.2. Even if no major issues are found, Vivaldi will be rebuilt for the stable update stream before it is released.


Download (1.2.490.32)


  • [Regression] [Panels] Drag and drop does not move to the marker position but rather, one item below (VB-18085)
  • [Regression] [Panels] Bookmarks behind edit box are not rendered when it closes (VB-18009)
  • [Regression] [Panels] When clicking a folder, the arrow does not update (VB-18072)
  • [Regression] [Quick Commands] Opening bookmarks doesn’t respect the “Open Pages in New tab” QC option (VB-17432)
  • [Regression] No image and show cached image modes are reset after tab switch (VB-18050)
  • [Regression] Too low contrast for links that enable plugins (VB-17652)
  • [Regression] [Linux] HTML5 proprietary media does not work in Vivaldi 1.2 under Ubuntu with chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra 49.0.2623.X or 50.0.2661.X (VB-18052)
  • [Linux] Browser crashes when using menu to attempt to hibernate tabs: disabled, since it does not work yet (VB-17820)
  • [Mac] Remove ‘Automatically download and install …’ checkbox in updater: removed, since it does not work (VB-18117)
  • Updated translations