Snapshot 1.1.443.3 – New tab options

In case you missed it, we had a successful release of Vivaldi 1.0 final a couple of days back but that does not mean we took a break and stopped development. We have already begun the work towards version 1.1!

Today’s snapshot is the first in the 1.1 series and we have added a few small features already. We now switch tabs when trying to close a pinned one, provide easier mass closing of tabs, add links to tab stacks by default and provide a new “keyboard shortcut to rule them all”.


Which Vivaldi version is for you?

Now that Vivaldi 1.0 is out, you have a very difficult choice to make. If you want a stable browser, download the latest one from If you want to access our latest and greatest features and are willing to risk occasional new bugs, install these snapshots.

On Windows and Mac your choice is particularly important because all Vivaldi versions use the same settings by default and running the snapshot and then downgrading to stable, could actually corrupt your profile. On Windows you can work around this by installing one of the versions as “Standalone” (keeping the profile self contained). On Mac we have no official standalone install method but I explain a workaround for advanced Mac users in this blog post. For Linux, snapshot and stable versions are installed side by side, with different profiles by default.

Some new features

Here are some of the new, small features in this snapshot:

  • Ctrl+W on pinned tabs will now switch back to the previously active tab. We do this because we have noticed that people often close tabs to return to the one they were working on before. While pinned tabs cannot close, you may issue this shortcut by force of habit. Now we bring you back to the tab you were probably looking for.
  • Holding Alt and clicking on the close button now closes all the other tabs.
  • A new preference to open links within a tab stack has been added (and enabled by default): Settings/Preferences → Tabs → Tab Features → Tab Stacking → Open Links in Current Tab Stack
  • You can now map a keyboard shortcut that toggles all the others on or off. Which is handy if website shortcuts conflict with Vivaldi shortcuts: Settings/Preferences → Keyboard → Page → Disable Keyboard Shortcuts (Ok, we actually slipped this into the 1.0 final but nobody noticed yet! :P)

Download (1.1.443.3)


  • [Security] Address bar spoofing: Thanks to Tsubasa Iinuma (@llamakko_cafe) of Gehirn Inc. for the report (VB-15043)
  • [Regression] WebPanel reverts to desktop version even in mobile setting: further fix (VB-14816)
  • [Regression] Large PNG or animated GIF does not display when opened directly (VB-13521)
  • [Regression] Stacked tabs disappeared when disable “Tab stacking” (VB-13898)
  • [Regression] Emulation tab in Developer Tools disappeared (VB-14710)
  • [Regression] Unable to add first Note via clicking the ‘+’ button (VB-14960)
  • Addressbar input field box shadow in Private windows (VB-14714)
  • Alt+D shortcut activates Vivaldi menu (VB-11958)
  • Bookmarks panel reports URL cannot be empty on re-opening (VB-14828)
  • Can not execute bookmarklets by nick from quick commands (VB-12691)
  • Can not find some settings: search was not always working due to casing (VB-13999)
  • Allow the ability to Ctrl+Tab back to a “minimized” tab: also fixes dragging
  • Cutting (Ctrl+X) a URL does not include the protocol (VB-14727)
  • Deleting typed URL in the adress bar doesn’t fully delete it in the dropdown (VB-14656)
  • Feature to select behavior on clone tab and stacked tab (VB-11537)
  • Keep Speed Dial view bottom spacing with + button disabled
  • Not able to quickly go to URL with slash using custom search (VB-14981)
  • Open selected bookmark(s) with Enter key (VB-14381)
  • Radio buttons loose focus on change (VB-14821)
  • Speed Dial doesn’t allow adding bookmarks (VB-10623)
  • Style fix for search suggest (VB-14831)
  • Title of Vivaldi Settings window is “Vivaldi”, not “Settings” (VB-3222)
  • Disable Keyboard shortcuts option: Also added to final Version 1.0 (VB-14941)
  • URL should clip based on selection
  • Rewind dropdown shows different elements depending on where you are in the history list: Rewrote rewind feature completely (VB-12297)
  • Shortcuts in Vivaldi menu do not always match underscored letters (VB-15172)
  • Close other tabs when Alt-clicking tab close button (VB-15157)
  • Not Able to Hibernate/Close Tab Selection (VB-15037)