Snap layouts, and a few fixes – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2737.3

Today’s snapshot adds support for the windows 11 feature Snap Layouts in our UI

Today’s snap adds support for the Windows 11 feature Snap Layouts in our UI, you can access this new feature by hovering the maximize button.

Known Issues

  • [Themes] Settings window buttons have the wrong contrast in white theme (VB-90566)
  • [Windows] Unclickable frame around whole application in fullscreen and maximized window (VB-90476)

Download (2737.3)


  • [New][Windows] Native windows buttons overlay (VB-82583)
  • [Address field] Focus forgotten when navigating between tabs (VB-90492)
  • [Bookmark panel] Scrollbar position is duplicated(VB-90264)
  • [Calendar] 12h time format ignored (VB-90474)
  • [Calendar] Invalid date format “DD/MM” (VB-90254)
  • [Download] Popup Window no Longer Resizable (VB-90448)
  • [Favicons] Search icons not displayed after moving profile (VB-89552)
  • [Focus] New tab page is not focused (VB-90476)
  • [Mail] Sort Customized IMAP folders, Feeds, Filters and Move context menu alphabetically (VB-80382)
  • [Navigation] Cannot use Alt+(Right Arrow) on start page to navigate through history
  • [Panel] Scrollbar positioning is broken (VB-90264)
  • [Settings] “New Theme” text is misaligned (VB-90533)
  • [Settings] Fix incorrect window control sizes (VB-90412)
  • [Settings] Window title might have wrong color (VB-90405)
  • [Themes] Color picker in Calendar setting not keyboard navigatable (VB-72244)
  • [Themes] Insufficient contrast in dark theme (VB-90400)

Main photo by jom jakkid