Small improvements to the clock and popout video – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1867.3

Today’s snapshot has a few small updates to recently added features.

Download (1867.3)


  • [Clock] Alarms overridden by current time (VB-64817)
  • [Clock] Always shows alarm visualization when opening (VB-64523)
  • [Clock] Time input cannot switch meridiem in 12-hour format (VB-65106)
  • [Popout Video] Button available even when PiP will not work (VB-63070)
  • [Popout Video] Button shows over UI elements on YouTube (VB-64493)
  • [Status Bar] Always visible in new windows after setting to overlay (VB-64986)
  • [Regression] Overlapping text in find-in-page box due to “Not found” indicator (VB-64731)

Main photo by Icons8 Team