Returning from holidays – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1628.7

Now that most of the team has returned from vacation, we are back to fixing bugs and adding features.

Known Issue

  • This causes blank UI for a number of users (VB-56062), thus autoupdate is now disabled and the download links removed. This snapshot is on hold

Download (1628.7)

  • Windows: 64-bit for Win7+ | 32-bit for Win7+
  • macOS: 10.10+
  • Linux: DEB 64-bit (Recommended) | DEB 32-bit
  • Linux: RPM 64-bit (Recommended) | RPM 32-bit
  • Linux: DEB ARM32-bit (Unsupported) | DEB ARM64-bit (Unsupported)
  • Linux: non-DEB/RPM [help]


  • [macOS][Crash] Closing window: the longest standing and most common crash on macOS (VB-52350)
  • [New][Windows] Add ‘Create a desktop shortcut for this user’ checkbox to User Profiles’ ‘Add Person’ menu (VB-54264)
  • [New][Tabs] Allow to mute website that is currently silent (VB-39371)
  • [New][Settings] Expose global setting for Flash player (Webpages → Plugins) (VB-41093)
  • [Regression] Scheduling themes only moves five minutes a time (VB-55133)
  • [Regression][Bookmarks] Last input not saved when clicking + button (VB-55612)
  • [Regression][Themes] Address bar autocomplete completes “th” to “thumbnails” (VB-53510)
  • [Regression][Panels] Removing web panel opens blank panel (VB-55864)
  • [Regression][Settings] Alt for main menu enabled by default even when not checked (VB-55987)
  • [Regression][Address bar] Search nickname autocompletes without space (VB-55196)
  • [Regression][Address bar] Impossible to type about:blank
  • [Address bar] https protocol replaced when editing address (VB-49320)
  • [Address bar] Autocomplete doesn’t work when entering a protocol (VB-55516)
  • [Address bar] Make autocomplete prefer most-visited entries (VB-35746)
  • [Address bar] Shift+Del no longer delete single typed history item (VB-53245)
  • [Address bar][IME] Shift-typing interfered by autocomplete (VB-55634)
  • [Bookmarks] Thumbnail update animation is not shown in the bookmark editor (VB-55871)
  • [Crash] Trying to open a link from context menu from previous page (VB-54809)
  • [Crash] Closing a Spotify web player (VB-55316)
  • [Quick commands] Nicknamed bookmark can open twice (VB-54093)
  • [Settings] Gesture editing steals focus from settings search (VB-55494)
  • [Themes] Accent color is not applied when essential elements are hidden (VB-55866)
  • [Themes] Speaker icon is too dark to see in dark theme (VB-52545)
  • [Themes] Reader icon colors in private window are incorrect (VB-55872)
  • [Themes][Tabs] Speaker icon in a Favicon isn’t visible with animation off (VB-46970)
  • [Tabs] Audio icon doesn’t reflect animation setting state (VB-46971)
  • [Tabs] Minor speed up in tab creation (VB-55769)
  • [Tabs][Speed Dial] Improve tab animation
  • Don’t display tab page load progress for internal pages (VB-55767)
  • Context menu shortcuts should not match on ellipsis as keyboard accelerator (VB-55911)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 76.0.3809.110

Main photo by Edgar Chaparro