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Release Candidate for a minor update to Vivaldi 1.13

This is a release candidate for a minor update to Vivaldi 1.13 stable.

A stable release candidate but not a Snapshot

This test build is not a Snapshot and should not be installed on top of a Snapshot, since it has an older Chromium backend (Chr62). Only use it if you wish to upgrade your stable install. Assuming no new issues are found, all stable users will be upgraded to this build early next week.

We are making the build available earlier to those using our blog to help ensure that the recent fixes do not cause new issues (regressions). This is your chance to get it early. If you do find an issue, please comment below before you reinstall the current stable from vivaldi.com/download.

Download (1.13.1008.44)


  • Security updates backported from Chromium 64 (more details later)
  • [Linux]Prevent a crash if too recent libffmpeg.so is found
Ruarí Ødegaard
Written by Ruarí Ødegaard

Quality assurance and testing. A fan of Linux (Slackware), unicycling, simple solutions and a “slow” life style.

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