Regression fixes, backend updates and improvements – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1295.3

Today’s snapshot resolves the major issues from the last snapshot, fixes a number of regressions and upgrades our Chromium backend to 69.

Known issues

  • [Mac] Media problems

Download (1295.3)


  • [Regression][Mac] Chromecast menu cut in half (VB-42339)
  • [Regression][Mac] Swipe navigation fails (VB-42997)
  • [Regression][IME] CJK IMEs don’t work in the download search box (VB-42869)
  • [Regression] Address field delay when going fullscreen (VB-37334)
  • [Regression] Audio icon in tab does not go away (VB-42711)
  • [Regression] Cannot scroll PDF document with cursor keys (VB-41191)
  • [Regression] Closing a stacked tab causes more tiles than tabs (VB-42838)
  • [Regression] Context menu does not show after docking or undocking dev tools (VB-42347)
  • [Regression] Crash on undocking devtools (VB-41653)
  • [Regression] Favicons disappear in tab bar (VB-29624)
  • [Regression] Find in page light borders in buttons (VB-43041)
  • [Regression] Hard to widen developer tools in docked mode (VB-42449)
  • [Regression] Impossible to quit Vivaldi (VB-34824)
  • [Regression] Mouse gestures do not work on popup windows (VB-42845)
  • [Regression] Mouse gestures do not work while loading page (VB-41799)
  • [Regression] No URL auto-focus on new homepage tab (VB-42480)
  • [Regression] Panel toggle hides together with panel bar (VB-42859)
  • [Regression] Tab order history extData fix (VB-42265)
  • [Regression] Typing after text selection writes backwards (VB-42829)
  • [Bookmarks] Importing bookmarks from Edge does not work (VB-25227)
  • [Download] Unable to cancel Download dialog from keyboard (VB-16552)
  • [Extension] Extension button “options” menu entry missing for options page v2 extensions (VB-27546)
  • [Settings] Minimum active tab width setting (VB-42587)
  • [Tabs] Hovering tab close button causes flicker (VB-42769)
  • [Tabs] Prevent tabs from receiving accent color with window image on (VB-42833)
  • [Tabs] Tab bar on left cannot be enlarged (VB-42855)
  • [Tabs] Unread indicator overflows to other side of tab (VB-43042)
  • [UI] New Welcome Page (VB-39395)
  • [Web Panel] Page suggestion fixes (VB-42814)
  • [Web Panel] Pre-defined Suggestions (VB-42367)
  • Upgraded to Chromium 69
  • Upgraded translations

Main photo by Krists Luhaers on Unsplash.