Rearrangeable search engines – Vivaldi browser Snapshot 1.14.1064.3

For the first Vivaldi snapshot build of 2018 we add a long requested feature, rearrangeable search engines.

Re-arrangable Search Engines in Vivaldi browser

Rearrangeable search engines

A lot of you requested it, so we added it. You can now reorganize your search engines in settings. There is more work to be done here however, so feel free to give us your thoughts and feedback.

Oh and … Happy New Year!

Download (1.14.1064.3)


  • [New Feature] Change order of search engines (VB-14147)
  • [Regression] Editing note results in loss of address (VB-36005)
  • [Regression][Win] Vivaldi doesn’t remember window maximization: improvement, more still to be done (VB-35145)
  • [Bookmarks panel] Incorrect margin for Bookmarks editor panel (VB-36055)
  • [Dev Tools] Dragging tab out of window crashes if DevTools open (VB-36133)
  • [Settings] Remember settings popup size and position (VB-12006)
  • [Tabs] Tabs do not rearrange (VB-29560)
  • [Tab bar] Title and Tab bar double-click (VB-35702)
  • [Themes]Support for power events in Theme Scheduler (VB-30301)
  • [Windows] Visually switches from normal to maximized window state during startup (VB-35844)
  • [Window Panel] Active tab low contrast in Window Panel for dark themes (VB-34873)
  • Updated translations