Quick Commands improvements – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.10.856.16

Quick Commands improvements take center stage in today’s snapshot.

Quick Commands in the Vivaldi Browser

Quick Commands

If you like staying close to your keyboard as you browse, chances are you’re not a stranger to Vivaldi’s Quick Commands. Controlling everything from your keyboard has just gotten better with our latest snapshot – we have rolled out a total of ten Quick Commands improvements. If you haven’t been using this handy functionality yet, now would definitely be the time to give it a try.

Download (1.10.856.16)

  • Windows: 32-bit for Win7+ | 64-bit for Win7+ (temporarily unavailable)
  • macOS: 10.9+
  • Linux DEB: 64-bit
  • Linux RPM: 64-bit


  • [Regression] “Search in a new tab” is broken (VB-28536)
  • [Regression] V-Menu button not visible on “Apply Accent Color to Window” (VB-28369)
  • [Regression] [Notes] Drawbacks in typing notes (VB-25556)
  • [Regression] [Speed Dial] SD background double-click to open drawer (VB-28439)
  • [Address Field] [IME] Cannot go to some pages by “Cut and Copy Encoded” (VB-28747)
  • [Address field] Copy URL doesn’t work properly for some characters (VB-28662)
  • [Developer Tools] Undocked dev tools doesn’t close when closing the parent tab (VB-28608)
  • [Extensions] Only the first window extension order is remembered (VB-27948)
  • [Extensions] Hard to move extension icons by dragging when “Use Animation” is off (VB-27959)
  • [IME] Unconfirmed text disappears on click (VB-24108)
  • [Quick Commands] Add the page actions to quick command (VB-20515)
  • [Quick Commands] Allow content type exclusion (VB-25935)
  • [Quick Commands] Fallback icon for open tabs (VB-28643)
  • [Quick Commands] Enabling reader mode from Quick Commands removes focus from web page (VB-28058)
  • [Quick Commands] Keep focus in Quick Commands on page load or tab switch (VB-28558)
  • [Quick Commands] Omit irrelevant commands (VB-26261)
  • [Quick Commands] Overlapping placeholder text (VB-27965)
  • [Quick Commands] Search includes bookmarks from Trash (VB-28678)
  • [Quick Commands] Show number of open tabs in title (VB-14650)
  • [Quick Commands] Typing gets increasingly slow with a big set of bookmarks (VB-7463)
  • [Settings] Allow multiline titles (VB-28541)
  • [Settings] Disable (not hide) the “Controlled by Extension” (VB-28392)
  • [Settings] Rename Autoupdate tab into Update (VB-26835)
  • [Speed Dial] Add to Speed Dial drawer does not close on Bookmarks, History (VB-2613)
  • [Speed Dial] Adding a space to Speed Dial title opens it (VB-27772)
  • Add ability to customize the minor version in the User Agent string (VB-28565)
  • Cloned pinned tab does not appear on tab bar until switching to another tab (VB-25025)
  • Color gesture strokes in settings (VB-21975)
  • Full page capture does not capture canvas content (VB-28649)
  • Spatial navigation improvements (VB-28677)
  • Suspend support for Linux 32-bit for Vivaldi 1.10
  • The tab opened from view source in private window acts like a non-private tab (VB-25251)
  • Windows close button at edge (VB-27361)
  • Updated Chromium to 59.0.3071.51