Page Title Tab Notifications – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.6.687.3

In today’s snapshot, we’re Introducing a new type of in tab notification that works especially well with pinned tabs on messaging and social media websites.

Tab Notifications in Vivaldi

For today’s snapshot we introduce a new type of in tab notification that works especially well with pinned tabs on messaging and social media websites and provide a new way to jump to a parent directory on a website. In addition, we fix a number of important bugs as we start to stabilize Vivaldi 1.6.

Page Title Tab Notifications

Many of you may have observed that many social media and messaging sites update the start of their page titles with numbers to indicate notifications. It’s a great trick, unless you have pinned tabs or so many tabs that the title does not show at all. In addition, even with big tabs, these numbers do not always stand out.

Today’s build attempts to address these issues. We detect the numbers enclosed and highlight it above the favicon. The look of this notification also conforms to the theme you use, adjusting its color and roundness accordingly.

Page Title Tab Notifications

The counter goes up to 9 and then displays as a “+”. This is a space saving mechanism within the favicon area as large numbers become unreadable or obscure too much of the favicon. However, no information is lost, even with small tabs you can read the full number by hovering the tab to see the full page title.

Let us know what you think and if you encounter any issues. If you do wish to disable this feature, it is controlled by “Settings → Tabs → Tab Display → Display Page Title Notifications”

Cut the URL via Ctrl/⌘ mouse click

The second feature in this build allows you to cut the end off a URL by holding Ctrl (or ⌘) when click on a word within the URL. This makes it very easy to move upwards through a directory structure on a website. It is still work in progress but useful enough that we thought we would mention it to you already. As always, we welcome any thoughts or feedback.

Download (1.6.687.3)


  • [New feature][Tabs] Detect numbers enclosed in brackets (parentheses) in page title to use as tab notifications (VB-23635)
  • [New feature][URL field] Ctrl or ⌘ click on the address field to cut off the rest of the URL (VB-23671)
  • [macOS][Regression] Crash on startup on 10.10 (VB-23530)
  • [Regression] Middleclick to show thumbnails opens new tab (VB-23702)
  • [Regression] Backspace in text fields in web panels triggers going back (VB-23630)
  • [Regression] Can’t delete search typed history with shortcut (VB-23723)
  • [Regression] Bookmark’s thumbnail refresh button not spinning when refresh triggered (VB-20450)
  • [Regression] Deleted bookmarks do not appear in Trash (VB-23678)
  • [Regression] The bookmark icon in the address bar is cut off on the right or left depending on what theme you’re (VB-23717)
  • [Regression][Bookmarks] UI freezes after middle clicking bookmarks (VB-23685)
  • [Regression][Extensions] Chrome cast extension blocks startup (VB-23657)
  • [Bookmarks] Import dialog is not formatted properly (VB-23737)
  • [Bookmarks] Drag and Drop misbehaves on bookmark bar (VB-23606)
  • [Extensions] Click the same extension button doesn’t close its menu (VB-17312)
  • [Extensions] Last pass search field not auto focused (VB-17739)
  • [IME] hover in address bar turns the text invisible (VB-23313)
  • [Notes] It should be possible to map copy marked text to new note as a keyboard shortcut (VB-4018)
  • [Reader mode] update needed because failures on a few sites (VB-23661)
  • [Search field] Dropdown not closing on new tab (VB-23738)
  • [Search field] Added setting for always opening result in new tab (VB-23648)
  • [Tabs] Changing tab while renaming a tab group causes the tab title to be saved as tab stack title. (VB-23703)
  • [URL field] Search in address field settings are out of sync (VB-23290)
  • Make copy to clipboard work in History (VB-23688)
  • Upgraded Chromium 55.0.2883.76