Open related tabs in a tab stack – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1400.4

For the first post-2.2 snapshot we introduce a new tab opening option for tab stacking fans

This is something that we know many of you have long requested. It allows you to ‘auto-stack’ tabs opened from a parent tab. You can enable this feature by searching for New Tab Position in Settings and enabling the “As Tab Stack With Related Tabs” option. To better understand tab parent/child/sibling relationships read our earlier post options for new tab opening and closing behavior.

Known issues

  • [Regression] Address field is empty in note and bookmark editors (VB-47197)
  • [Regression] Settings window is partly visible on some resolutions (VB-47388)

Download (1400.4)


  • [New] Option to automatically create a tab stack: ‘Settings → New Tab Position → As Tab Stack with Related Tab’ (VB-15514)
  • [New] Save webpage as MHTML is enabled (VB-2101)
  • [New][Windows][Linux] Add confirmation dialog on exit (VB-6951)
  • [Regression][Mac] Fullscreen video paint issue (VB-45908)
  • [Regression] Broken start page navigation (VB-47141)
  • [Regression] Tab moving extensions can lead to loss of tabs (VB-45910)
  • [Regression] Window panel is empty sometimes (VB-47265)
  • [Panels] Web panels cannot be reloaded via the context menu (VB-47118)
  • [Settings] Delete only focused shortcut with Remove Shortcut button (VB-46950)
  • [Search] ‘Always Search in New Tab’ affects Speed Dial (VB-46484)
  • [Tabs] Custom internal page favicons (VB-26354)

Main photo by Jacques Le Gall