One week with custom Vivaldi themes

The latest version of Vivaldi escalated customizations to another level. The new theme engine in 1.3 certainly gives you another reason to say “I browse the way I want to”

Instead of having to download and install a theme like with other browsers, you can now easily personalize your browser right from the settings menu. Themes do more than just making your user interface more unique – they can increase your work productivity if you know which colors your brain responds to best. While some people work better with a lighter look, others respond better to darker tones.

We recently did a poll on Twitter to see what people are using and we’re happy to see the fantastic response.

Along with that, many of you have sent us screenshots of your current setups and themes. Thank you! We love seeing what you do with it.

Here’s a collection of some of the tweets that have been sent to us over the last week and we hope you can draw some inspiration from them.

One theme that definitely caught our attention was this one from @PlayerDOTexe. The color-combinations fit together well and the cherry on top of the cake is the background with the Vivaldi logo. The custom thumbnails is also a nice touch. If you’re technical and want to try this out, here’s a tutorial on how to do it.

@LinuxSocist showed us a darker theme that fits well into his OS.

X-Men fan? @imoioi made a theme using the classic Wolverine costume colors. Who knew superhero costumes would fit so well into the browser world?

@stephenw32768 sports a warm orange color to fit with the rest of his desktop.

Our very own community member from France embraces the darker side of things with this setup with a touch of orange.

@m4d_d3v has customized his theme so it seamlessly fits with his OS.

A great way to spice up your browsing experience is to give your browser a makeover. Want to give the new theme options a try? Check this tutorial out and once you are done we’d love to see how your theme looks like.

Get away from Big Tech and have fun doing it

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