Numbered menu accelerators – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1373.4

Today’s snapshot adds numbers to the first 9 items in the Window menu, to aid fast switching.

Numbered menu accelerators

There are a number of ways to switch tabs:

  • Mouse clicks on the Tab bar, Window menu or Window panel
  • Filtering based on a search in Quick Commands or the Window panel
  • Ctrl+[Num] to jump based on numbered position
  • Ctrl+Tab (and cycle)—Perhaps with a cycler
  • Mapping a mouse gesture

Why so many? Because each has its own advantages and disadvantages, and different methods suit different users’ work flows. Take for example the cycler, we have two different ones because some people work better choosing between images (horizontal cycler) and others prefer looking through a text based list (vertical cycler).

Providing options and letting you decide your own workflow is what Vivaldi is all about. It’s what sets us apart from many of our competitors, who think that only they know the correct way, and that you (the user) must conform.

So here is yet another way to switch tabs, for anyone feeling left out. We now number the first 9 tabs in the Window menu. Press Alt+w to open it and then type the number of the tab you want to switch to. This combines some of the advantages of the vertical cycler (allowing you to scan through titles) and a speed of switching that is close to Ctrl+[Num]. Some of you may prefer this new way while others may not… and that is just fine!

Download (1373.4)


  • [New] Add numbered accelerators to elements in main Window menu (VB-45894)
  • [Regression] Address field drop down is closed after clicking visited page favicon (VB-46095)
  • [Regression] Several initials in bookmarks replaced with “&” (VB-45755)
  • [Regression] Address field fails to select expanded URL (VB-46174)
  • [Address bar] Address field does not check for protocol handlers when pasting links (VB-44833)
  • [Search] Update the logo and name for Startpage search engine (VB-46108)
  • [UI] Toolbar buttons can remain highlighted (VB-46229)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 71.0.3578.57