Hmm, so… nice weather today – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1308.5

Yet more regression fixes and a further minor update to Chromium.

Known issue

  • Drag and drop tab to new window causes duplicate tabs (VB-43454)

Download (1308.5)


  • [Regression] Can’t Use Google Login on Imgur (VB-41649)
  • [Regression] Ignore wheel event if the page handles it (VB-43548)
  • [Regression] Wrong URL is displayed in address field after drop (VB-43590)
  • [Notes] Copy to Note strips line breaks (VB-9278)
  • [Tabs] Multiple settings tabs (VB-9762)
  • Updated Chromium to 69.0.3497.102

P.S. Titles are hard when you have this many snapshots.

Main photo by Jonathan Pielmayer