Back/Forward button drop-down entries can open new tab – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1350.4

In the latest snapshot, the long click Back/Forward button drop-down entries can be opened in a new tab via middle clicking.

Download (1350.4)


  • [Regression] Crash when right click on “Add link to bookmark” for pdf files (VB-42313)
  • [Regression] F3 doesn’t return focus to search bar (VB-17647)
  • [Regression] Vivaldi crashes when opening Notes while presenting a Google Slide (VB-44421)
  • [Regression] Web page does not get focus when New Tab Page is set to Homepage (VB-43671)
  • [Bookmarks bar] Ampersand (&) does not display in folder items (VB-45213)
  • [Menus] Add bookmark context menu item for history items (VB-27010)
  • [Menus] Special characters like . and : are underlined in menus (VB-45334)
  • [Page Interaction] Webview gets focus when showing internal page (VB-45272)
  • [Panels] Alphabetical sorting for accented letters in bookmarks panel (VB-36262)
  • [Panels] Favicon missing when using a panel, works on within tab (VB-12180)
  • [Panels] Panels are hard to resize (VB-39870)
  • [Panels] “Save All as Bookmarks” in Window Panel don’t work for closed tabs (VB-42598)
  • [Settings] Keyboard friendly categories (VB-6879)
  • [Settings] Tab Muting doesn’t match search for “mute” (VB-40354)
  • [Settings] Possible to assign the same keyboard shortcut to two commands (VB-44390)
  • [Tabs] Switch tabs by scroll fails between tabs (VB-45220)
  • [Quick Commands] Caret jumps in textfield when using arrow up (VB-45494)
  • [Sync] Make it possible to use a custom device name (VB-40168)
  • [UI] Middle clicking in Back/Forward history drop-down should open the page in new tab (VB-9086)
  • [UI] Scrolling with PgUp/PgDn should work when find-in-page is open (VB-45412)

Main photo by Atle Mo