Snapshot 1.3.582.3 – Web Panel improvements and a new Snapshot logo

In today’s snapshot we use a new version of our logo to help show the difference between snapshots and stable builds, added new options for web panels and per tab zoom as been set as the new default.

New Snapshot logo

Vivaldi build types

To avoid confusion about which version of Vivaldi you are running we now use a cool, new black version of our logo for snapshots and reserve the red one for final releases.

Web Panel improvement

Web panels are great but some sites need a little more space than others when used as a panel, so we added an option for web panels to retain separate widths. In addition you can optionally add more controls to your web panels, if you find the home button is not enough. Just right click on the web panel to see the new options.

Known issues

  • Pinch to zoom not working on Mac
  • Some resolutions may still show the red Vivaldi icon

Download (1.3.582.3)


  • [Mac] Gestures don’t work in Settings in a tab (VB-20258)
  • [Mac] Tab stack indicator not visible if native window is used (VB-12504)
  • [Mac] Top bar lost in full screen state when switching tabs (VB-20156)
  • [Regression] Center images (VB-3193)
  • [Regression] Tab not displayed on tab Trash list if closed on Speed Dial (VB-10032)
  • [Bookmarks] Panel – no collapse after pressing left arrow key on subitem? (VB-16434)
  • [Bookmarks] Import of Bookmarks from Firefox fails (VB-20401)
  • [Bookmarks] Add bookmark pop-up looks wrong (VB-20276)
  • [Bookmarks][URL] Matching bookmarks do not show up in URL field drop down (VB-20705)
  • [Notes] Adding an attachment to a Note is impractical (VB-20603)
  • [Notes] Panel not keyboard accessible (VB-10240)
  • [Panels] Add configurable buttons to Web panels and separate resize to all panels (VB-20503)
  • [Panels] Let web panels delay loading until activated the first time (VB-20595)
  • [Spatnav] Can’t select Rightmost “Login” button and leftmost “Vivaldi blog team” is not reachable (VB-13014)
  • [Search] After pressing enter in search field, dropdown flickers (VB-20746)
  • [Search] Can’t delete search field typed history (VB-20744)
  • [URL] Autocomplete on Vivaldi URLs in URL field (VB-19107)
  • [URL] Do not add invalid URLs to typed history (VB-19106)
  • [Zoom] Create setting to disable zooming with CTRL/CMD + scrolling (VB-20069)
  • [Zoom] Set per tab zoom as default (VB-20053)
  • [Zoom] Maximum Zoom with Scrollwheel is 300% (VB-17298)
  • Differentiate visually Stable vs Snapshot version (VB-20253)
  • Can not reopen tab from menu (VB-20402)
  • Cloned tab appears after active tab not cloned tab (VB-20188)
  • Closing a Fullscreen Video with CTRL+W should also exit from fullscreen mode (VB-15127)
  • Context menus do not show up in Settings page (VB-20289)
  • Creating a new Bookmark/Notes folder does not set focus in the name field (VB-20072)
  • Default webpage zoom is not respected in private mode (VB-20351)
  • Find in page quick command does not focus search field (VB-20706)
  • Keyboard shortcut for clearing browsing data does not work (VB-20666)
  • Loosing chars if quickly typing into find in page (VB-19532)
  • Middle-click does not open link in background in History (VB-3250)
  • “Open in new window” on bookmark folder creates multiple windows (VB-5492)
  • Option to open session in new window (VB-14386)
  • Page accent color always gray in private tabs (VB-19964)
  • Panel opening movement improvement (VB-17688)
  • Panels stuck at minimum width, no more dragging possible (VB-20295)
  • Prioritize meta-theme-color and dominant colors for UI colorization(VB-19956)
  • Related tabs are sometimes placed at the end (VB-20411)
  • Releasing the mouse button over Speed Dial folders opens them (despite not clicking on them) (VB-20130)
  • Saved passwords are not reflected in privacy settings (VB-19929)
  • Search engine order is incorrect in search dropdown field (VB-20681)
  • Search suggest for yandex not working (VB-14070)
  • Simplify color picking algorithm for tabs (VB-20255)
  • Tab UI is still overlapping the panels in certain themes (VB-20542)
  • Theme color not applied in private mode (VB-20409)
  • URL scheme is inherited from previous URL (VB-19788)
  • Wrong shortcut action if Ctrl+PgUp and Ctrl+PgDwn is defined (VB-16444)
  • Zooming and tab switcher activate on too many shortcuts (VB-20282)
  • Upgraded to Chromium 53