Mute button for Pop-out Video – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1964.3

This snapshot adds a mute button to the pop-out video (Picture-In-Picture [PiP]) window.

Wall with the words silencio and silence

Known Issues

  • [Pop-out video][macOS][Linux] Mute button on PiP window is unclickable (VB-69378)

Download (1964.3)


  • [Address bar] Problem with POST search requests when selected from drop down (VB-69143)
  • [Address bar][Keyboard] UI disappears when shortcuts to manipulate tabs are used, with drop down item selected via arrow keys (VB-69326)
  • [Bookmarks] Duplicated bundled bookmarks (VB-69168)
  • [Keyboard][New] Support Alt+F4 to close Task manager (VB-69321)
  • [Notes manager] Support indented lists in Markdown mode (VB-68623)
  • [Notes manager][Panels] Middle click notes button doesn’t open manager in a tab (VB-62895)
  • [Pop-out video][New] Add mute button to PiP window (VB-64762)
  • [Spatial navigation] Can not open focused link in new tab (VB-63939)
  • [Tabs] Each tab resizes separately when it gets activated (VB-51618)
  • [macOS Catalina] Double click on the application title bar does not maximize (VB-59319)

Main photo by Scott Umstattd