Regression fixes – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1705.4

Today’s snapshot resolves a number of recent regressions, as we close in on the 2.9 final.

Download (1705.4)


  • [New] Add web panels to View menu (VB-50286)
  • [Linux] Alt opens menu, but will not close it (VB-39080)
  • [Windows][Linux] Icons in dark menus are invisible (VB-59064)
  • [Regression] Camera permission never prompts (VB-58942)
  • [Regression] Clicking address field makes selected URL disappear (VB-59052)
  • [Regression] Double clicking Vivaldi menu maximizes / minimizes window (VB-58980)
  • [Regression] Drag and Drop tabs fail (VB-58825)
  • [Regression] Favicons are missing after history navigation in private and guest mode (VB-58976)
  • [Regression] Keyboard focus being set in the horizontal menu (VB-58940)
  • [Regression] Hibernation causes duplicate tabs (VB-58952)
  • [Regression] Hidden extension buttons don’t show popups (VB-58918)
  • [Accessibility] Make available letters for menu accelerators case sensitive (VB-58985)
  • [Address field] Vivaldi doesn’t display redirected URL (VB-58897)
  • [Bookmarks][Notes] Cut (folders and items)and paste doesn’t work (VB-58892)
  • [Cookies] Page prevented from using cookies dialogue (VB-22928)
  • [Menu] Show Tab bar in View menu (VB-33425)
  • [Panel] Resizing Bookmarks Panel editor flashes (VB-58540)
  • [Profile Manager] Deleting profile makes Vivaldi unstable (VB-57771)
  • [Regression] Downloads do not start if opened in new tab (VB-58965)
  • [Start page] Cut and paste folders and speed dials doesn’t work properly (VB-53749)
  • [Search] Using a search engine with no Suggest URL, Vivaldi will show other engines last history (VB-54949)
  • Updated translations
  • Upgraded Chromium to 78.0.3904.72

Main photo by Jeremy Thomas