More power in Quick Commands – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1328.4

In today’s snapshot, Quick Commands gains the ability to search through the contents of your Notes and UI Zoom can now be assigned dedicated keyboard shortcuts.

To assign shortcuts for UI Zoom, go to “Settings → Keyboard → View → UI Zoom In/Out”.

Download (1328.4)


  • [New] Notes search from Quick Commands (VB-36441)
  • [New] UI Zoom from Quick Commands (VB-43080)
  • [Linux] Tab dragging causes flicker and dropping is difficult (VB-44433)
  • [Mac] Facebook voice messages don’t play (VB-43812)
  • [Mac] Overlapped navigation buttons in fullscreen mode (VB-3629)
  • [Mac] Tab spacing setting should not apply to maximized window (VB-44300)
  • [Regression] Corrupted animated favicons: thanks to Khushal Sagar from the Chromium team (VB-43235)
  • [Regression] Crash in the ‘Scroll To Top Button’ extension settings (VB-42128)
  • [Regression] Missing default tabs icon (VB-44049)
  • [Regression] Possible fix for Blank pages after search (VB-44105)
  • [Regression] YouTube videos opened in background tabs autoplay (VB-44338)
  • [Screen Capture] Area not selectable using touch screen (VB-44334)
  • [Tabs] Flickering and missing active state in tab stack container (VB-44289)
  • [Tabs] Invisible stacked tab indicators (VB-44334)
  • [Tabs] Tab added to stack as first not last (VB-23311)
  • [UI] Pages without favicon should fall back to accent color (VB-44490)
  • Updated translations
  • Further fixes to stop Google Account Consistency interfering with Cookies and Sync
  • Upgraded Chromium to 70.0.3538.46

Main photo by Kelly Sikkema