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Minor update to Vivaldi 1.10

Today’s minor update to Vivaldi 1.10 resolves some known issues and includes updated translations to the latest stable version of the browser.

Minor update to Vivaldi 1.10

A handful of improvements and fixes have been added to the latest version of Vivaldi. Check them out below, or head here for the full story of Vivaldi 1.10.

  • [Regression] Old Vivaldi Application folder will not be removed and there will be Vivaldi Installer process running for one hour after the upgrade VB-29483
  • Capture section icon not following theme VB-29254
  • Page reloading doesn’t work after POST-form sending VB-12306
  • Updated translations
  • Updated Chromium to 59.0.3071.104

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Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel

Written by Maria Popova

QA Engineer at Vivaldi.

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