Minor update (3) for Vivaldi Desktop Browser 6.6

This update includes a range of small improvements and also some security fixes from Chromium upstream.

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The following improvements were made since the second 6.6 minor update:

  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 122.0.6261.141
  • [Crash] Following link from Google results (VB-104297)
  • [History] Import from other browsers fails (VB-104036)
  • [Mail] Failed IMAP folder subscription causes sync issues (VB-100094)
  • [Media] Twitch.tv streams starts muted and all tab sounds are centralized on the first tab that plays (VB-104437)
  • [Search] Fetch updated partner URLs from vivaldi.com (VB-102933)
  • [Sessions][Workspaces] Cannot view/edit the contents of a session saved from a workspace with “Include all workspaces” disabled (VB-104602)
  • [Sessions][Workspaces] When updating a session workspace information is added even if you asked for it not to be (VB-104634)
  • [Settings] The X to delete a cookie is positioned incorrectly in the Saved Cookies settings (VB-103674)
  • [Speed dial] Folder thumbnails do not show up sometimes (VB-100225)
  • [Tabs] Show number of hibernated tabs in tooltip (VB-104140)

Main photo by Will van Wingerden.

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