Minor update for Vivaldi 2.0

Today’s minor update to Vivaldi 2.0 resolves issues with right clicking on websites and improves readability on macOS Mojave.

Bridge near Vivaldi offices

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The following improvements were made since the initial 2.0 stable release:

  • [Regression] “mouseup” event not firing for right mouse button (VB-4350)
  • [Regression] Moving a tab with stacked tiles to an existing second window triggers crash (VB-43831)
  • [Regression] Crash when deleting bookmarks from the panel (VB-42284)
  • [Regression] Google sign-in cookies are being set in Vivaldi and cannot be cleared (VB-44108)
  • [Regression] [Mac] Minor visual glitches with the .dmg
  • [Mac] Interface text hard to read after upgrade to 10.14 Mojave (VB-43839)
  • Updated translations

Main photo by Petter Nilsen.

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