Minor update for Vivaldi Android Browser 3.3

This update addresses several bottom address bar drawbacks and upgrades Chromium to the latest version.

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The following is a list of changes since the initial 3.3 stable release:

  • [Regression] Bottom tab bar can still be interacted with when hidden VAB-2195
  • [Regression] Swiping on address bar doesn’t work when address bar is at the bottom and tab bar is disabled VAB-2183
  • [Regression] Swiping on the bottom toolbar not working VAB-1841
  • [Regression] Tab switcher button disappears while swiping when address-bar is at the bottom VAB-2208
  • [Regression] White line appears between tab strip and address bar on page load VAB-2209
  • [UI] Clicking area for x button is too big VAB-2178
  • Upgraded Chromium to 85.0.4183.123

Main photo by Toa Heftiba

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