macOS media fixes – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1296.4

A small update to the last snapshot, to fix the most serious of the macOS media issues.

Download (1296.4)


  • [Regression][Mac][Media] AVC/AAC doesn’t work with MSE (VB-42787)
  • [Regression] Crash when saving picture from developer tool (VB-43122)
  • [Regression] Items in tab display section don’t appear in search result (VB-42959)
  • [Regression] Mouse gestures stop working after switching tabs with mouse wheel (VB-43127)
  • [Regression] Renderer crash when doing gesture ‘Open link in new tab’ (VB-42908)
  • [Mac][Installer] Dmg install window looks weird when hidden files are turned on (VB-43163)
  • [Web Panel][Speed Dial] Suggestions you have added should be filtered out (VB-43024)

Main photo by Thomas William on Unsplash.