Lots of fixes and a minor Chromium bump – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2080.3

A new snapshot with a wide range of fixes. After testing here, some of these will be backported to the 3.4 stable.

Download (2080.3)


  • [Address bar] Cropping the URL discards the port information (VB-72226)
  • [Address bar] Editing URL removes slash from path (VB-71838)
  • [Address bar][Extensions]Regression] Focus not in address field when using new tab extension (VB-73167)
  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 86.0.4240.101
  • [Cookies] Logging into Twitter in a private window does not work (VB-72568)
  • [Cookies] Vivaldi is blocking third party cookies without exception (VB-73372)
  • [Cookies][Dialog] Text in cookie blocked dialog too big causing button to be cut off (VB-72181)
  • [Keyboard] Single key shortcuts leads to changing tab on some input fields (VB-72174)
  • [Menus] Empty entries in tab sync menu (VB-73353)
  • [Menus] “Tools → Capture → Page to file” does not work (VB-72863)
  • [Menus][Periodic reload] Not available in all menus for customisation (VB-72749)
  • [Menus][Settings] ‘Restore to default’ resets all menus not only the chosen menu (VB-73132)
  • [Notes][Panel] Add tooltip on hovering notes (VB-40828)
  • [Panels] Should offer to tile tabs in the window panel, if more than the currently tiled are selected (VB-72050)
  • [Tabs] Missing audio identification in the tab cycler (VB-72051)
  • [Themes] Custom theme resets on new window (VB-73103)
  • [Themes] Scheduled themes needs a new window to take effect (VB-73144)
  • [Vivaldia game] Favicon is sometimes not displayed (VB-73184)

Main photo by Joyful