Local images for profile avatar – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2064.6

Today’s snapshot adds support for using local images for your user profile avatars.

Choosing a local avatar

For non synced profiles, you will find a new plus icon (⊕) in the top left of the profiles manager, that you can use to select a local image. If you use sync, your Vivaldi account avatar will be used, so that it is shared between all of your Vivaldi installations.

Download (2064.6)


  • [New][User Profiles] Allow for using a local image as avatar image (VB-71849)
  • [Clock][Toolbars] Drop-down arrow starts over button instead of underneath (VB-71654)
  • [Popout video] Allow PiP window to be larger than half the monitor size (VB-72508)
  • [Popout video] Not available for Dailymotion videos (VB-69364)
  • [Screen capture] Not possible to cancel capture with mouse or on touch screen (VB-44466)

Main photo by Aurel Serban