List layout for visual tab cycler – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1246.7

In this Snapshot, we’re continuing to add options to some of our most popular features: a list layout to the visual tab cycler, settings for focus-based panel auto collapse and tiling new tabs in a tab stack. We also found the time to add a new privacy-conscious search engine, and fixed 10 regressions!

The Tab Cycler in Vivaldi browser

List layout for visual tab cycler

If you use tab cycling a lot, you’ll like this new option. This option lets you view a list of titles instead of the big thumbnails in the center. It’s a great way to see a lot more entries at once. It’s less jumpy too. To set this alternate view go to Settings → Tabs → Show Tab Cycler → Display Tab Cycler as List.

Show Qwant search engine in all regions

We’ve now added Qwant, another privacy-focused alternative, as a search option in Vivaldi. Europe’s leading search engine will protect you from surveillance, respect your privacy, and promote neutrality online.

Vivaldi is all about choices and we’re proud to offer Qwant alongside DuckDuckGo and StartPage to our privacy-conscious users.

Focus-based panel auto collapse

Are you a regular panel user but only open Web Panels quickly to check something and close them right after? If that describes you, you’ll find this new option super useful. Once the focus is back on the main open website, the panel will auto-close. To use this option go to “Tools → Settings → Panel → Panel Options → Floating Panel → Auto-close Inactive panel”.

Tile new tabs in a tab stack

With this Snapshot, Tab Tiling – one of our unique features – gets yet another upgrade. When in a tiled tab stack, and a new tab is added, such as by CTRL-clicking a link, the new tab will be added as a tile.

Known issues

  • [Regresssion] Download progress & notification missing (VB-41969)

Download (1246.7)


  • [New feature] Show Qwant search engine in all regions (VB-41918)
  • [New feature] List layout for visual tab cycler (VB-19167)
  • [New feature] Focus-based panel auto collapse (VB-18296)
  • [New feature] Tile new tabs in a tab stack (VB-40851)
  • [Regression] The Reader icon does not show on some sites where it used to (VB-41715)
  • [Regression] Hidden extensions buttons incorrectly moved to the address field (VB-41593)
  • [Regression] Crash if undocked Developer Tools opens from popup (VB-41215)
  • [Regression] Closing a page in tileset doesn’t realign the layout (VB-41824)
  • [Regression] Removing hidden extension causes crash (VB-41773)
  • [Regression] Vivaldi crashes on outlook notifier extension uninstall (VB-41745)
  • [Regression] UI is blocked after navigating Back to speed dial (VB-41355)
  • [Regression] Tile to Grid should align tiles to an actual grid (VB-41819)
  • [Regression][Mac] Blank tab + Crash when opening Bookmark from windowless state (VB-41560)
  • [Regression][Mac] Blank tab + Crash when opening PDF file from Downloads Panel (VB-41710)
  • [Tabs] Scaled tiling layout not restored
  • Clarify that deleting storage might also delete extension data in the UI (VB-41620)
  • Links from Google Hangouts open in Hangouts pseudo-tab, not in main window tab (VB-37469)
  • Further improvements to start up performance related to the download panel (VB-40417)