Raining snapshots – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1300.5

It’s raining in Oslo. On a more positive note, here is a new snapshot for you!

Known issues

  • Occasional crash on closing tab

Download (1300.5)


  • [Regression][Mac][Media] Problem watching TED.com shows (VB-42663)
  • [Regression] Cannot close Keyboard Cheat Sheet with Esc key (VB-43277)
  • [Regression] Removing theme duplicates (after adding Beach) (VB-43176)
  • [Regression] Some sync clients keep resending the same update request continuously (VB-43098)
  • [Regression] Whole page screen capture does not work (VB-41231)
  • [Mac][Gestures] Double tap with two fingers to zoom webpage content (VB-7816)
  • [Mouse Gestures] Open next to original tab does not work with mouse gesture (VB-12671)

Main photo by Erik Witsoe on Unsplash.