Happy Holidays – Vivaldi iOS Browser snapshot 3225.3

This latest version addresses several issues reported by users and introduces enhancements to make your browsing experience even smoother.

We have now begun publishing our Snapshot stream for the Vivaldi iOS browser.

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To make it easier and lower the risk for you to test our cutting edge builds, Vivaldi Snapshot is a separate application that will be installed alongside the Final and have its own set of preferences and settings.

Differences to Beta/Final

The purpose of these snapshots is to allow our fans a chance to preview upcoming changes, and to help us ensure the quality of our latest fixes and improvements, before we add them to Final. If you would prefer something that was already widely tested, stick with the main Vivaldi iOS package.

When testing a Snapshot, it is a good idea to review the changelog (below). Try out the changes and let us know your thoughts in the comments section or report it directly to our bug tracking system. When commenting or reporting a bug, remember that it is helpful to mention the version you were testing with.

Here are some of the changes that have been made:

  • Vivaldi has resolved the issue related to incorrect search engines being activated from shortcuts after syncing (VIB-558).
  • Vivaldi has addressed the inconvenience of the search engine shortcut clearing the address field (VIB-556).
  • The Vivaldi browser now offers a context menu item for searching, when you have selected some text (VIB-538).
  • We’ve addressed some more UI issue (VIB-551), (VIB-552), (VIB-533)

Take a look at the changelog for a full overview of the changes and let us know what you think.


  • [Address bar] Incorrect search engine triggered from shortcut (VIB-558)
  • [Address bar] Search engine shortcut clears address field (VIB-556)
  • [Menus] Search with Vivaldi context menu item (VIB-538)
  • [Start Page] Show background on Speed Dial folder (VIB-542)
  • [Sync] Reading list and notes toggles have their icons switched (VIB-551)
  • [UI] Fix context menu icons (VIB-552)
  • [UI] Update inactive tabs background color (VIB-533)
  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 120.0.6099.121

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Main photo by Osman Rana.

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