Snapshot 1.5.604.4 – Fix for HTML5 audio and video on Windows

Starting work on version 1.5 of Vivaldi, with a fix for HTML5 Audio and Video and a bunch more improvements. Check out the details of our latest Snapshot below.

The fix for HTML audio and video is for those of you running the Windows 32bit builds with no hardware acceleration. If the fix works for you, then it will be backported to Vivaldi 1.4 stable and we will issue a minor update.

Known issues

  • Mac must be updated manually this time.

Download (1.5.604.4)


  • [Regression][Windows] HTML5 Video no longer works with GPU acceleration off (VB-21265)
  • [Regression] Switching off tab stacking leaves existing stacks unusable (VB-20887)
  • [Regression] autocompletion flickers while typing (VB-21139)
  • [Regression] URL field dropdown disappearing when deleting typed in history (VB-21103)
  • [Regression] URLs with spaces lead to search (VB-16893)
  • [Bookmarks][Notes] It is possible to drop (move) a folder onto its children (VB-21098)
  • URL in status bar not displayed during spatial navigation (VB-6908)
  • Wrong text selection behavior in Url Field after pressing Shift+End (VB-19528)
  • A URL can not be dragged into a folder on the Bookmarks Bar (VB-21193)
  • Can not add search engine from context menu (VB-21304)
  • I cannot delete my theme with certain names (VB-20029)
  • Custom search engines missing favicons (VB-13648)
  • Always shown ‘Show panel’ tool tip even if panel is shown (VB-6016)
  • LastPass login takes long time (VB-14612)
  • Displaying datetime of saving each session on the list of sessions (VB-14808)
  • Spatial Navigation scrolling page when focusing on a link leading to an anchor (VB-20584)
  • Order and location is wrong after Copy/Paste or drag and drop in Notes (VB-21160)
  • Onclick events on input elements selected by spatial navigation only trigger on second press (VB-19306)
  • Spatial Navigation scrolling page when focusing on a link leading to an anchor (VB-20584)
  • Tab Reloaded when Detached/Attached (VB-11419)
  • Unable to select an open tab after clicking address bar dropdown (VB-21095)
  • URL autocomplete not disappearing upon Paste (VB-20620)
  • Notes panel is missing a context menu in empty tree area (VB-21112)
  • Shift-Delete should remove the current autocomplete history (VB-16457)
  • Add setting to control open in new tab shortcuts (VB-18627)
  • Add the new black icon to the menu (VB-20848)
  • Content of active note is not erased when last note is removed (VB-20945)
  • Speed Dial reflows when switching from tab after resizing window (VB-20921)
  • Panel width doesn’t follow a mouse cursor precisely (VB-20632)
  • Esc and Enter not working correctly in Notes and on Bookmark folders (VB-20643)
  • Don’t punycode before requests
  • Cannot search with Chinese and ‘site:’ keyword in address field (VB-20842)
  • Partial Paste & Go not working without selection (VB-20796)
  • Autocomplete on Vivaldi URLs in URL field (VB-19107)
  • Updated our clear private data options: work in progress
  • A new search can be added with a duplicate nickname (VB-20738)