History improvements – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.8.770.32

Another stepping stone on our way to a great 1.8 final, today’s snapshot includes improvements to history, new settings, and fixes for some annoying regressions.

Download (1.8.770.32)


  • [Regression][Windows] Vivaldi launched by the installer is not brought to the foreground on Win7 (VB-26463)
  • [Regression][Mac] Magic mouse does not allow you to scroll through history (VB-26418)
  • [Regression][Address bar] Ctrl+C only copies protocol every second time (VB-26242)
  • [Bookmarks] Editor in panel does not open when creating new item (VB-26596)
  • [Bookmarks] Always show details in the panel (VB-23752)
  • [History] Update day view data in range selection (VB-26566)
  • [History] Fix item titles (VB-26439)
  • [History] Loading time takes over 2 seconds (VB-26566)
  • [History] Wrong data list and calendar dimension (VB-26461)
  • [History] Transition type labels go off-screen in 75% UI scale (VB-26464)
  • [History] Tree title label, overflow fix
  • [History] List time column formatting, tooltips
  • [History] Day picker range selection fix, etc
  • [Search] Implement Yahoo! search as default search for new users (VB-26577)
  • [Settings] Allow disabling of Widevine (VB-26423)
  • [Settings] Allow disabling of Flash (VB-24611)
  • [Settings] Allow disabling of the internal PDF viewer (VB-24617)
  • [Settings] Change “Show” to “Open” for popup windows settings (VB-26512)
  • [Settings] Prevent focus from jumping when changing homepage setting (VB-26088)
  • Add new tab introducing to new features on update (VB-26270)
  • Audio icon is black when small (VB-26436)
  • “Open” action in document context menu is the first menu item (VB-26563)
  • Setting width and height on popups does not work (VB-484)
  • vivaldi://newtab shows Google page (VB-3112)
  • “Clear download list” button inactive after restart of Vivaldi (VB-26083)
  • Remove document context menu entries that do not work in web panels (VB-26196)
  • Various translation updates
  • Updated Chromium to 57.0.2987.100