Further Toolbar customization – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1476.4

With today’s snapshot you can move buttons between toolbars, use our new Quick Commands calculator, and try out the latest improvements to Chromium.

Late last year we announced the possibility to remove buttons from the navigation toolbar. Now we are taking it up a notch and giving you even more configuration options. Henrik Helmers, who worked on the feature, had this to say: “We have taken a step towards more customizability by completely rewriting buttons in our UI. It is just as scary as it sounds! There are some known hiccups. Hopefully you can look past those and appreciate the direction we are moving in. Buckle up! 😊”

So what is new for today’s snapshot? You can move buttons around the address and status toolbars (hold “Shift” while dragging a button). Personally, I can’t remember when a browser offered you such a range of configuration options—well… OK, I can (but it has been a while!). 😜

As we mentioned previously, to reset the toolbars back to their default state, right-click and select “Reset Toolbar to Default”. Or you can head to “Settings → Appearance → Window Appearance → Toolbar Customizations” and click on “Reset Toolbar” for the one you wish to reset.

A calculator at your fingertips

I’m sure we have all been there… You are online, in the middle of a purchase or a money transfer, and you quickly need to calculate something. Do you do it in your head? Locate your Operating system’s calculator? Pull out your mobile? Today we offer you a new, even simpler option. Just pull up Quick Commands. You can now perform basic calculations (+-*/) right in the popup box, and if you press “Enter”, the result is copied to your clipboard. Then you can paste it straight into the page you are using.

Chromium update

As we are edging closer to the Vivaldi 2.4 release, it is also time to upgrade our back end rendering engine. So in today’s snapshot, we are moving from Chromium 72 to 73.

Long term snapshot users know that Chromium upgrades often result in new issues and regressions, and the big changes we have made to our UI to allow for further customization makes breakage even more likely. So watch out for issues and let us know what you find in the comments below.

Download (1476.4)


  • [New] Customizable Toolbars (VB-43612)
  • [New] Basic Calculator in Quick Commands (VB-44725)
  • [Regression][Linux] Vivaldi Snapshot and Stable cannot be installed side by side due to /usr/lib/.build-id files (VB-50062)
  • [Regression] Disappearing tabs (VB-43755)
  • [Regression] Freeze when using Find in Page (VB-49994)
  • [Regression] Gesture scroll to top/bottom doesn’t work on some websites (VB-21375)
  • [Regression] Middle click address bar drop-down item fails (VB-50076)
  • [Profile Manager] Pinned tabs unintentionally moved to different profile on window close (VB-44725)
  • [Tabs] Prioritize stacking by host – Added “Create Tab Stack” command (VB-20224)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 73.0.3683.67 (includes patch for CVE-2019-5786)

Main photo by Joshua Coleman