Further stabilization – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1306.3

Since last Friday’s snapshot we have more fixes for recent regressions.

Known issue

  • Autoupdate disabled

Download (1306.3)


  • [Regression][Mac] Vivaldi opens two windows when using an external monitor (VB-43446)
  • [Regression][Linux] Vivaldi crashes if a page with h.264 is encountered and no alternative libffmpeg.so is available: We have applied a workaround until its fixed—hence the “-2” (VB-43546)
  • [Regression] Mouse gestures do not work in PDF files (VB-41427)
  • [Regression] The whole browser crashes after closing a tab with a renderer crash (VB-43484)
  • [Regression] Some of the programs on AbemaTV are not displayed properly (VB-41838)
  • [Regression] No favicon in cascaded bookmark menu at the first click (VB-41545)

Main photo by Peter ᴳᴱᴼ Kent