Further regression fixes – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1388.6

Today we have further fixes for recent regressions and a minor Chromium bump.

Download (1388.6)


  • [Regression] Crash when deleting browser data in Private Window (VB-44877)
  • [Regression] Cannot open Speed Dial entries using middle click (VB-46914)
  • [Regression] Default page zoom setting is ignored (VB-46941)
  • [Regression] Moving lazy-loaded tabs between windows does not work (VB-45911)
  • [Regression] Rocker gesture Forward over a speed dial goes to it (VB-46805)
  • [Regression][IME] caret should not move on mouse move (VB-46932)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 71.0.3578.85

Main photo by Dayne Topkin