Further Blocker Improvements – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1856.3

In today’s snapshot we add further ad blocker rules lists to choose between and support automatic updates of them.

Download (1856.3)


  • [Blocker] Add regional rules list urls and a way to keep them updated (VB-64745)
  • [Blocker][Crash] Adding AdguardFilters (VB-64759)
  • [Clock] Show alarms and countdowns in tooltip (VB-64345)
  • [Clock][Regression] All time notations corrupted and show tt (VB-64659)
  • [Panel][Regression] Cannot move buttons with Shift (VB-62619)
  • [Popout Video] Custom selectors broke causing button to not appear, eg. on twitch.tv (VB-64773)
  • [Settings] Hide password list by default (VB-4820)
  • [Settings] Incorrect Language displayed on fresh install (VB-62107)
  • [Themes][Regression] Unable to select Light and Subtle (VB-64748)

Main photo by Sergey Shmidt