Fix for Windows 7 Black Window – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1554.13

Today’s snapshot tests a fix for the black window that some users experienced on Windows 7, when running Vivaldi.

We are aware of a number of users reporting black screens or windows after upgrading to Vivaldi 2.5 and above. This is not something we have reproduced. Nonetheless, today’s build includes a tentative fix. If it works and it causes no other issues we will backport the fix and issue a minor update to Vivaldi 2.5 stable in the near future.

Known Issues

  • The new accept language setting (VB-3355, below) is incomplete

Download (1554.13)


  • [Windows 7] Black screen after updating to 2.5 (VB-52810)
  • [New][Settings] Missing accept language setting (VB-3355)
  • [New][Settings] Show context menu on double click (VB-35436)
  • [Regression] Chrome Cast dialog is centered at width, height of the application window (VB-53683)
  • [Regression] Tab text can be blurry in full tab bar (VB-53523)
  • [Address Bar] Delete button in dropdown broken on bookmarks (VB-53549)
  • [Address Bar] Drag & drop text, pressing Enter empties the address bar (VB-53613)
  • [Address Bar] Deleting bookmark folders from the URL bar doesn’t work (VB-53719)
  • [Address Bar] should support drag-and-drop editing (VB-47830)
  • [Address Bar] Typed History saving full URL instead of search nickname + term combination (VB-46616)
  • [Address Bar] Undo does not work correctly (VB-7154)
  • [Dev Tools][Keyboard] Ctrl+Shift+J should launch the console (VB-4760)
  • [Profiles] Avoid using human avatars (VB-53590)
  • [Profiles] Add separator between icon and extensions (VB-53238)
  • [Screenshots] PNGs have an unnecessary alpha channel (VB-53645)
  • [Speed Dial] Improve animation performance (VB-9248)
  • [Speed Dial] Multiple Speed Dial buttons can be active (VB-5607)
  • [Tabs] Popup thumbnails are not displayed in Private/Guest mode (VB-53070)
  • [Themes] Wrong format color crashes color picker (VB-53412)
  • [Themes] Default Generic avatar not always visible VB-53262
  • [Quick Commands] Add setting to turn off calculator (VB-53634)
  • [UI zoom] 60% causes minimize window button to disappear (VB-28909)
  • Crash when clicking on a PDF link (VB-52672)
  • Tab (key) focus cycling gets stuck halfway on some websites (VB-53526)

Main photo by Adrien Olichon