Snapshot fix for DRM’d content on macOS – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1692.4

Today’s snapshot includes a collection of different bug fixes and improvements, and updates Chromium to 78.

Known issues

  • The macOS version is an earlier build due to Apple having issues notarizating developer’s applications quickly enough, following the Catalina update: while there are changes between 1691.4 and 1692.4, they are not things that most people would notice and hence the changelog below is valid.
  • [Regression] Disabling “Settings → Address bar → Address Auto-Complete → Always Prefer Bookmarks” breaks search in the URL field (VB-58716)
  • [Linux][Regression] Widevine is installed with 600 permissions (VB-58717)
    Workround: sudo chmod -R +r /var/opt/vivaldi-snapshot/WidevineCdm

Download (1692.4)


  • [Address bar][IME] Cannot go through dropdown suggestions after confirming input (VB-57896)
  • [Address bar][IME] It is impossible to use same Korean letter in address bar (VB-58049)
  • [Bookmarks] Add tree columns reordering support to the manager (VB-2238)
  • [Crash] Browser crashes when closing certain websites (VB-54874)
  • [Extensions] Volume Master extension does not work (VB-38661)
  • [Mac] Vivaldi becomes UI-less after opening a tab in fullscreen (VB-58176)
  • [Menu bar] Let F10 and Alt toggle focus (VB-58586)
  • [Notes][Panels] Auto-close causes attachment not to complete successfully (VB-58364)
  • [Notes][Sync] Set the proper creation time (VB-57496)
  • [Panels] Hidden sorting icon in narrow view (VB-46527)
  • [Performance] Various small performance improvements
  • [Regression] Scrolling a page with the keyboard does not reliably work after initial page load (VB-57533)
  • [Speed Dial] No more alpha on icons (VB-57890)
  • [Speed Dial] Search button missing from search field (VB-57646)
  • [Speed Dial] Preserve thumbnail ratio (VB-57990)
  • [Sync] Typed whitespace around the username should be trimmed to avoid login issues (VB-58328)
  • [Tabs] thumbnail does not display in some cases (VB-58069)
  • [Themes][Regression] Low contrast in dialogs and settings for some themes (VB-57686)
  • [macOS][Regression] Cannot load DRM content such as Netflix / WidevineCDM fails: related to signing changes needed for the macOS update (VB-58183)
  • Background click shouldn’t close JavaScript dialog (VB-57980)
  • Page Flash with multiple tabs (VB-33286)
  • Sensors permission popup need improvement (VB-50904)
  • Settings search field is reset during search (VB-57943)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 78.0.3904.49

Main photo by Lewis Fagg