Fix for an inaccessible menu – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1211.3

Following the new option to disable use of the Alt key for the menu, some users found the menu no longer worked at all. Here is a quick fix for that.

Download (1211.3)


  • [Regression] Filtered settings freeze on theme switch (VB-41009)
  • [Regression] Missing options for Downloaded files (VB-41045)
  • [Pinned Tabs] Pinned tab loses pin status when opened as new window (VB-39512)
  • [Sync] Make sure sync is set as inactive once the engine has stopped (VB-40908)
  • [UI] Close button on infobar hardly visible with dark theme (VB-40907)
  • [UI] Menu can’t be accessed when “ALT Key for Main Menu” is disabled (VB-40899)
  • Infobar reappears on tab switching (VB-41060)

Main photo by Filios Sazeides on Unsplash.