First one for 1.12 – Vivaldi Browser Snapshot 1.12.933.3

Here comes our first 1.12 snapshot, hot on the heels of last week’s release of Vivaldi 1.11.

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With most of the Vivaldi team back from their summer break, we’re getting right back into working on Vivaldi 1.12. The first snapshot for the upcoming version is packed with fixes of some annoying bugs and regressions. Please take a look and let us know what you think.

Known Issue

  • Widevine version breaks Netflix in Vivaldi VB-30960

Download (1.12.933.3)


  • [Mac] Allow selection of background window tabs VB-30684
  • [Regression] Google Plus shows Unsupported Browser VB-30687
  • [Regression] Minimized tab order fix VB-30273
  • [Address Field] Inconsistent search – depends on keywords order VB-29626
  • [Address Field] Selection is reset on tab updates VB-30603
  • [Search Engines] Restoring default search always deletes custom ones VB-30888
  • [Settings] Search looks in checkbox and radio button values VB-30531
  • [Spatial Navigation] Selected element prevents scrolling down VB-30751
  • [Tabs] Fullscreen gap in bottom-positioned tabs VB-30852
  • [Tabs] Tab minimize interferes with stack renaming VB-23794
  • Background tabs don’t unmute correctly when active tab gets closed VB-30368
  • Context menu after RMB+scroll tab switch VB-30497
  • Inline rename should save content when edit field loose focus VB-30744
  • Minimize button becomes disabled on macOS (10.11.6) VB-27574
  • Most user agent spoof rules has false positives VB-30645
  • Prevent zoom range input scrolling VB-30675
  • Reader View ranges VB-29192
  • Tab Stack indicator drag freeze VB-30646
  • When using tabs on left/right/bottom side, Vivaldi icon isn’t vertically centered VB-30844

Photo by Nathan Dumlao.