Show Extensions Visibility Toggle -Snapshot 1.7.715.3

To kick off the New Year we have a new snapshot, with a new option for those of you who are extensions fans but enjoy a clean browser interface. We also fixed a few regressions and started to incorporate some of your feedback for our screenshot feature.

Fjord view with a lens. Source: Unsplash by dustin groh

Hide your extensions buttons

Vivaldi provides a lot of options, nonetheless many of you supplement it with extensions. If you find that the extension buttons are eating up too much real estate on the screen or provide too much of a visual distraction, you can now toggle them on and off as you need.

Extensions Visibility Toggle

Settings → Address bar → Extensions → Show Extensions Visibility Toggle

Download (1.7.715.3)


  • [Regression] Bookmark Nicknames do not open in new tab any longer (VB-24405)
  • [Regression] Cannot install version 1.5 and above on Ubuntu 12.04 (VB-23524)
  • [Regression] Paste and go does not take into account open in new tab setting (VB-24297)
  • [Regression] “Reload image” in context menu has no effect (VB-24363)
  • [Windows][Linux] Display accelerators separate from menu item for some languages (CJK): work in progress, currently main menus only (VB-24413)
  • [Extensions] Buttons visibility Toggle (VB-24579)
  • [Screenshots] Wrong captured size when selecting from the bottom right and to the left (VB-24388)
  • [Screenshots] Area capture clipping rectangle (using borders), keyboard accessibility, popup tabs, other layout fixes
  • [Screenshots] Capture button gray for internal pages (VB-24557)
  • [Spatial Navigation] Fails to select links, selects entire divs instead (VB-23393)
  • Parts of Geolocation dialog are unreadable in private mode (VB-24134)
  • Notification popups when removing downloads from the list (VB-24377)
  • Typing ‘vivaldi:’ doesn’t show autocomplete options (VB-13738)