Extension crash fix – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1959.3

The last snapshot had a crash related to extensions lacking an icon, so this is a small update to resolve that.

Waves crashing on a beach

Download (1959.3)


  • [Address bar][Search field] Does not remember custom size (VB-68737)
  • [Bookmarks] Always have a default name for folders (VB-68898)
  • [Configurable menus] Enable automatic upgrading (VB-69114)
  • [Crash][Regression] Showing extensions lacking an icon (VB-69125)
  • [Notes manager] Capturing Notes Manager gives an invalid address (VB-68863)
  • [Notes manager] Formatting can cause the removal of text (VB-68232)
  • [Sync] stays in “Upload: In progress…” for some users (VB-65568)
  • [UI] Softer curves for collapse/expand arrows (VB-69155)

Main photo by Tommy Tang