Easier URL cropping – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1967.30

This snapshot makes URL cropping easier to understand and bumps Chromium to the latest stable version.

Tent by a lake at night, like the one Ruari is sitting in as he writes this

One neat, little feature of Vivaldi is the ability to crop the end off a URL by holding Ctrl and clicking on it. For example, while viewing this blog post if you hover “/desktop/” in the URL field and then “Ctrl+left mouse click”, you will move up a directory and see everything from the desktop snapshot blog. From this snapshot, when holding Ctrl while hovering, you can more clearly see where the URL will be cropped.

Download (1967.30)


  • [New][Address bar] Show clickable element of URL as links: holding Ctrl highlights the part that will remain on clicking (VB-23693)
  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 84.0.4147.98
  • [Panels] Cast incorrectly shown in the context menu (VB-69361)
  • [Pop-out video][macOS][Linux] Slider and mute button on PiP window are unclickable (VB-69378)
  • Audio icon doesn’t update after a theme change (VB-69077)
  • Discord can have two video notifications (VB-69379)
  • Overlay status info covers tab bar on side (VB-68136)
  • Settings window is blank when opened from private window (VB-65717)

Main photo by Josh Hild