Double Chromium bump – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1916.3

Today’s snapshot moves our snapshot stream to Chromium 83. With such a big engine upgrade, expect some regressions.

Chromium 82 is being skipped because of changes in the upstream release schedule, as part of their response to the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2).

Known Issues

  • [Address bar] Redundant audiocapture permission (VB-67405)
  • [macOS][Media] Instagram videos struggle to play (VB-66211)
  • [macOS] Closing the last tab anytime during/after fullscreen also closes a tab in the next active window (VB-67389)
  • [Windows][Media] Directly loaded .mp4 files can fail to play if a streamed video is not already loaded in that session (VB-67543)
  • [Windows] Autoupdate to this build is disabled because of VB-67543 (above): download manually if you want to test

Download (1916.3)


  • [Blocker] Importing locally stored tracking/adblocking lists fails (VB-66311)
  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 83.0.4103.57
  • [Developer Tools] “Shift+I” opens a new DevTools instance (VB-63935)
  • [Keyboard] On the website, when I press the key ESC nothing happens (VB-67430)
  • [Media][Linux] Update proprietary codecs to 81.0.4044.138
  • [Media][Windows] Add proprietary media availability detection and warning to users running Windows N-versions (VB-62670)
  • [Panels] Toggle is not shown for panel at the right side (VB-63240)
  • [Session Manager] Does not open tabs when opening session (VB-62494)
  • [Settings] “Suggestions in Address Field” cannot be changed from privacy settings (VB-67353)
  • [Settings] Modal view cannot be dismissed by outside click in settings popup (VB-67365)
  • [Settings] Move Updates into General settings category (VB-67185)
  • [Settings] Sortable list keyboard navigation not working in settings popup (VB-67351)
  • [Tabs] Right-click Close Tab Fails in a Tab Stack (VB-67041)
  • [Tabs][Windows][Linux] Gradient color show behind tabs (VB-67174)
  • Vivaldi doesn’t always leave fullscreen mode after closing a fullscreen video (VB-62177)

Main photo by Patrick Robert Doyle